The Articulate Ventures Network
The Articulate Ventures Network

Welcome to The Articulate Ventures Network

A place to create the kinds of connections that transform lives.

About The Articulate Ventures Network

Join our community!

We are a patchwork of thinkers that want to articulate ideas in a forum where they can be respectfully challenged, improved and celebrated so that we can explore complex subjects, learn from those we disagree with and achieve our personal & professional goals.

AVN is designed with three goals in mind:

1. Develop the skills to communicate and connect. We practice presenting our ideas, cultivating respectful dialogue, and building relationships with people different from ourselves.

2. Pursue personal short & long-term goals. We are developing the skills and relationships that are needed to achieve big (and little) dreams.

3. Discover what it takes to be a part of a dynamic community We know that community building is a lost art, so we are learning how to bring people from different walks of life together.

Join a positive, highly interactive community

Members put up videos and presentations they are working on to receive feedback that will help them improve their content, presentation style, camera angles, and get celebrated for trying something new.

"Really smart people- thinking deeply about topics that matter. The podcasts and AVN posts challenge me to think about topics I might otherwise not be engaged with. AVN members are more interesting/well read/curious than the people I encounter on a daily basis." — Beth W

Our values make this place special.

Our members encourage robust, respectful discussion.  It helps us discover what we truly think about a subject, and gives us a chance to learn from people from other walks of life. 

"This network and the people in it have given me a chance to speak my thoughts and get feedback on how to be better. this is a community of the top people who want to become more than they are now whether that is by conventional norms or in a paradigm challenging way." — Bryan M

Get positive feedback

From business ideas, to presentations, to achieving your goals this network helps its members learn, and improve.

We teach communication skills.

Members get access to classes and sessions developed by international communications expert Vance Crowe.  These courses teach the "soft skills" that are difficult to learn from a book.

Each theme helps us learn new skills and expand our thinking.

Some members attend almost every activity, other members just pop in when they have time.  

Weekly Speaking Gyms:

A space to practice how you present ideas, learn to give meaningful feedback, and develop your ability to think on your feet while answering complex questions.

"Lindy" Book Club

We read books that have stood the test of time, and then come together to discuss what we thought of and learned in the process.

Virtual Reality Field Trips 

A chance to explore the latest virtual reality technology headset can join us as we roam around in different applications, learning to use the technology and having experiences that might otherwise require huge amounts of money or planning.  

Member Led Amateur Hour

A chance for members to present on a topic or skill that they may not do for a living, but they have accumulated a substantial background in through passionate practice. Past presentation have included Epistemology, Woodworking, Butchering, Ham Radio and more.


  • Are connected to other achievers that can help you sort out your ideas and get them off the ground.  

  • Get access to classes designed to teach you new mindsets that will make overcoming your communications challenges easier.

  • Participate in practice sessions with professionals that will teach you how to improve the way you present your ideas.

  • Grow with other people that are working to improve their ability to communicate their thoughts and want to learn from others.

A confidential social network.

You don't find the engagement you crave on free social platforms because the interactions are fleeting and inadvertently encourage people to be drawn to the chaotic and salacious.

AVN members understand that when you explore ideas you need privacy so that you can experiment.  This network encourages that by agreeing that what is said here stays here.

"I’ve made friendships in the network that have enriched the friendships of my closest friends. We have deeper conversations and cheer each other on. I’m a better listener." — Christina K

Why Join the AVN?


About the founder:

Vance Crowe is the organizer of AVN.  He is an international  communications expert that has traveled the world, spoken before more than 150,000 people and speaks broken Spanish and Swahili.  

Vance has worked all over the world.  From laying asphalt in Milwaukee, to a deckhand in Latin America, to a remote Kenyan village and in the halls of power at the World Bank Group.  Vance learned to communicate across cultures, socio-economic levels and personality types. Vance hosts The Vance Crowe Podcast

Along with Executive Producer Ben Anderson, they have created an environment where thinkers from around the English speaking world can gather to learn from one another, test out new ideas and build relationships that members always wanted, but never knew how to find and develop.